accent challenge


last year when i was in prague i had the pleasure of making a new friend, forbes.  she’s a georgia girl with an amazing voice and joyful spirit.

she taught us a little game she invented called ‘accent challenge’.  it’s going to sweep the globe.

it goes like this:  you chose a nationality, make up a ridiculous phrase and go around the table, everyone saying it.  the best (which is usually the worst) person wins.  game is best played with 4-6 people, post midnight, in a foreign country, in a really cool hostel, after a dinner out at an awesome vegetarian restaurant and wandering around the city streets a bit.  belly aching laugh ensues.

oh and there is a point to this beyond humiliating myself:   i’m moving to cambridge, england from july to december!  more on this soon.

for now, i’ll be here working on my british accent.


2 Responses to “accent challenge”

  1. Classy! I never knew you were so refined…and those mash potatoes must be simply divine.

  2. Melissa said

    Yep- it’s the mash potatoes that get me every time, too!

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