sweet oh luscious life


(or installment #1 of:

america, here is why you should get out of your car and walk, because you’re missing treasures like this)

on my walk to church this summer, i knew i’d get to enjoy this:


but had no idea about these:


blackberries!!  and from what i can tell, they belong to no one.  D rightly pointed out that they probably belong to someone, but my argument is an odd, overgrown triangular sliver of land between a sidewalk and a gravel access road most likely belongs to no one or the city government.  therefore, it’s actually no one or everyone (who pays taxes).  which equals me until somebody stops me.


now accepting your favorite cobbler recipes.


One Response to “sweet oh luscious life”

  1. […] that Charlotte blackberry bush that brought me so much joy?  There are thousands here.  Almost 3/4 of a mile of my walk home was solid, 6ft high blackberry […]

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