happy birthday to sam


one of the best things about being out of the college bubble (i say that like it was yesterday, even though it’s been 6 years…)  is getting to spend time with families and their kiddos.

well, my dear friend sam turns the big 0-2 today!

top 7 things i love about sam:

7.  he lets me come over and build a snowman with him on snowdays.sam & me on snow day

6.  his mom and dad are amazing and some of my favorite people on the planet to spend time with.  they are missionaries waiting in the gates to go to prague.  please read about their calling and consider supporting them.

5.  he LOVES to read books and provides awesome sound effects.

4.  he surprised me at work with flowers (in a mason jar!) on valentine’s day…two years in a row!sam the valentine

3.  he makes me homemade birthday cards.  (yeah, he’s setting the bar pretty high.)

2.  he learned how to say my name:  “ja-da-da”

1.  he has the uncanny ability to make everything cute, even a georgia bulldog hat.

sam go dawgs

happy birthday, sam!!!  see you soon!!!

(and i happen to know sam loves the pew-de-de (computer), so i hope he gets to see this).


2 Responses to “happy birthday to sam”

  1. Jake said

    How awesome! He will see this tomorrow morning, when his attn span will be much better.

  2. Alex said

    sam is certainly cute…

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