people are strange


volume 1, issue 1

venue:  test taking

people are strange.  i see it all the time.

my friend, luke, recently hypothesized i might be a magnet for this strangeness, as it always seems to happen to me.

to that, i say: no, no!  it happens to and around all of you too.  i think i just notice it because i’m more likely to be watching, observing than i am talking both when alone or in a social setting. …and now i sound creepy.  but i promise it’s not, i’m just taking it all in.  observing.  analyzing.  introvertizing.  or as my neighbor g says, “i am just always lookin’.  i just look.  and i say, huh?”

onward and upward.

people are strange.  today’s venue:  a final exam.

it is amazing the quirks that come out in a silent room when the pressure is on. today’s strang-er:  a test taking lad.

he sets out blank paper, pen, waterbottle, pen, pencil, extra pen, pack of gum.  removes three pieces of gum (stick gum), sets them to the right of the paper, puts gum pack to the left of paper.  goes up, gets his exam.  sits down.  (right now i am watching the gum, positively dying to see what his next move is.  his black and white modified houndstooth polo shirt tipped me off he might provide some entertainment). the play by play:

unwraps one stick, puts it in his mouth.  crinkles wrapper, places to left.  unwraps second stick, puts in mouth, wrapper discarded to left.  (surely, he’s not going to go for…) unwrap third stick, in mouth!  discard.  begin exam.  THREE sticks of gum.  really?  really?  plus, the entire pack there just in case.   and i know you’re justifying, but no, it wasn’t even juicy fruit which runs out of flavor in 23 seconds.  it was extra.  and was going to stay minty a while.


i mean, doesn’t everyone rip one stick in half and place the other half back in the gum package for later just like me?


One Response to “people are strange”

  1. Kate said

    You’re so funny – but I totally feel ya (I only chew half a piece of gum too)!! :) WHY on earth would that kid need that much gum to take a test?!?! I agree WEIRDO!! :)

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