the tango with chance: colorado


I wanna dance the tango with chance
I wanna ride on the wire
Cause nothing gets done with dust in your gun
And nobody respects a liar
So goodbye for a while
I’m off to explore every boundary and every door
Yeah I’m going north.

as a reward for quitting my job and surviving the year that was 2008, i treated myself on a trip to clear my head in a new state: colorado!

it was amazing.  i could ramble on about my experience, but lucky you, i always choose a theme song (or entire soundtrack) for my trips.  and my years.  and my days.  and i take lots of pictures.  so those two together will say everything i wanted to, and probably better.

i haven’t yet decided if i want to give wordpress money to let me post mp3s, so for now, you can listen to the song  going north by missy higgins:

while these tell the rest of the story:

salida, coIMG_3909

san isabelsan isabel


IMG_3973IMG_3955waterdog lakes trailsummit at waterdog lakes (12k)IMG_4178IMG_4182


IMG_4260red rocks


3 hours before plane ride home.


2 Responses to “the tango with chance: colorado”

  1. Kate said

    PLEASE tell me you have a new REALLY fancy camera – and you spent hours and hours on photoshop…. because if you’re just taking these pictures from a point and click camera and doing no editing on photoshop I’m going to run off and cry from jealousy!! Seriously though – GREAT PICTURES!!! I want to go to Colorado now!! :)

    • jessica said

      haha- no ma’am. just a little canon digital. i do take tons of shots though and i do play around a little in iphoto’s editing stuff. i am learning lighting is key… and this trip in particular provided lots of different types of light! you can do it!

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