new music & a scavenger hunt


best buy has some solid indie music on sale right now for $7.99.  this is right at my goal price at used CD stores, so this week i’ve twice withstood the sensory overload and big blue box nightmare that is the mega store… in the name of good tunes i can finally check off my list:

oh the fun didn’t stop there….

but the following scavenger hunt into musical geekdom is for those who also own the fleet foxes album.

go get your album, re-read the cd sleeve (yes, “re” because you should’ve already read it once, you true music fan you!).

now, i wrote the following in 2005:

i am pretty sure my first memory is going to get slush puppies at the gas station with my grandfather, codge, in his really big car. i know it is a true memory because there aren’t any pictures of it. you know, sometimes i think we remember things but i wonder if it’s just because we’ve seen pictures. i am confident this particular memory is real because there are no pictures of it…”

and, it keeps going, with lots of other non-photoed memories…

am i not completely destined to love this album?

sometimes music is just too good to me.


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