smiling faces? beautiful places.


don’t get me wrong, i love south carolina.  i called it home for 1/7 th of my life to date.  but i just don’t know what to make of it sometimes….

statistics from a day at Landsford Canal State Park, where tillman and i left our cares forgotten among the thousands of blooming spider lilies which only appear for a few weeks each spring.  no prose today, just some observations from the great state of south carolina.  conclude from them what you may:

  • number of miles i had to drive to find a gas station once my gas light came on as i exited the interstate:  16
  • number of gas stations i found: 1
  • number of gas stations with “pay at the pump”:  0
  • number of semi-automatic rifles in really fancy cases i saw being viewed inside said gas station:  1
  • number of times google maps did me wrong trying to get to the park:  2
  • time spent at the park:   120 minutes
  • time it rained at the park:  110 minutes
  • number of other people also viewing the lilies:  approx 70
  • number of people running to get out of the pouring rain:  0
  • number of people with european accents (german, irish, you name it):  7
  • number of people who ogled at tillman with eyes or words:  approx 60
  • number of ogglers who were grandmothers with rain caps and said “oh my word!  what a cah-ute puppy dawg”: 4
  • number of people who said “well now, your dog is bigger than you!  hardy, har, har.”: 4*

(*this grand total is now up to about 57.  every person thinks they are the first one to point it out.  i used to be able to say, “actually, i still outweigh him.”… until march when tman hit triple digits.  i’m drinking shakes and pumping iron to try to catch back up.)

  • number of spider lilies:  thousands.

“…I went out from myself,
leaving my cares
forgotten among the lilies.”

John of the Cross

google maps = wrong.






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