fly on the wall: Sir Mix-a-Lot


most of you reading know where i live.  you know my neighborhood is very important to me and that i’m fumbling my way through loving, serving, developing this diverse community. i keep a running list of quotes and situations, so i’ve decided to start a series where i share with you some of these things i hear.  some will make you laugh, some might make you cry.  here’s #1.  it’s monday and i went soft on you, don’t be afraid to continue…

Title:  Sir Mix A Lot

walking home from church one sunday, i pass two little boys who were outside riding a bike in their pajamas.  they are probably 4 and 6 years old.  yes, i said one bike.  and it wasn’t really a bike, but one of these things.  and right this second, i realise i honestly don’t know what they’re called except by their crude street name, so i’m just going to put a picture:


so, two kids, 4 and 6, riding this thing.  max speed 4 mph (i checked).  in their jammies.  cute.

walking by, i wave, smile chitter-chat “hey guys, you having fun today!?”

boy#1 pajama clad response:  “girl, you got a biiiiiiig butt!!!”

boy#2:  “HAHAHA, yeah you do!”

i now know my walk speed is faster than 4mph.  and cooties are still rampant among elementary school boys.


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