song up in my head: will work for music


“miles to go

from me to you

from a town that gets old

to the city that’s new

this flame burns brighter

with every poem read

this bird flies higher

with a song up in her head”

-sarah jarosz-

i’m excited about a new gig i have writing for an on-line music publication:  Consequence of Sound.  Yeah, “publication” is fancy talk for a blog.  but they have real advertisers, staff and such and exciting things coming up… so we’ll go with publication.  as the world of print media sadly shrinks, things like CoS and other on-line mediums will likely strengthen.

how did i wind up here? well,  this is a branch off the “music club” vine where my friends and i get together and write album reviews…for fun.  maybe we’re nerds.  maybe we’re cool.  probably a bit of both.  what got me in the door was collaborating with luke (who already writes for them) on a local charlotte festival review.  props to luke for basically dragging me into and through this, because when they gave a 24 hour deadline for the first piece, i almost balked.  i like things on my time-line.  i don’t respond well to pushing.  but dragging, well, apparently that works.  sometimes.

i sent them some other writing samples, they ran the festival review and i was pretty excited to get my first “comment” from a stranger… then i read it.  reality check!  it was a total slam.  it’s a classic. go to “about”, click my name and check out my “archives” and you can read the femme fest article and the “comment”.

and my archives are, well, tori-spelling-shallow as of yet.  but some things i’m working on now include:

-Listen (a quick intro article about a band) on The Duhks

– Album review of Rhett Miller’s album released this week

– Concert review of Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate (seeing them tomorrow)

All this is fun and getting my feet wet, but I’m most excited about what this means for me in England… festival and concert coverage galore.  The UK has a great appreciation for roots music and I really hope to be able to find some great local talent and share it with people here.  Not to mention to amazing festivals over there…

and the pay…. well, is not exactly dollar bills, but albums and press passes.

so, essentially i’m feeding my habit.  my addiction.  something that brings me great joy, now also challenge, as i require it to stretch my mind a bit.  i’m thankful for the ways the Lord has continually provided these multi-faceted adventures for me!


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