got on my travelin’ shoes: friends, duhks and a squirrel in raleigh


You know that death came a knockin’ on my front door
Singin’ come on sister, ain’t you ready to go
So I stooped down, buckled my shoes
And I move on down by the Jordan stream
And then I shout “Hallelujah, done, done my duty, got on my travelin’ shoes

the duhks – death came a knockin’

last week, christy and i headed up the interstate to visit dear friends and hear awesome music.  i know:  big stretch, twist our arms, etc.  though i don’t see much of them during the school year, i love my teacher friend’s summertime ability to jet off at a moment’s notice and spend the better part of a monday in our pajamas.

paige, adam and their four chillins left charlotte almost a year ago and it takes nary a shake of the hat (or mention of their fabulous baked goods) to result in a trip.  now, if that shake happens to be of the tambourine of the duhks, one of all of our favorite bands, the car basically starts itself.  and the homemade brown sugar cookies are truly the sweetness on top.

our friends are a part of a new church plant in raleigh (midtown community church) led by  another family we miss a bunch, linz and kara.  we got there in time to go to their sunday afternoon study.  i always enjoy seeing friends ‘real lives’ when i visit; having pictures of where they live helps me pray for them better.

after church meetin’, a quick burrito and off to the show.

windows down, we drove by the venue and the band was getting out of their bus.  christy, being the friendly and cheerful gal she is, shouted hi while waving her chapstick at them.  she didn’t realise this was slightly uncool until oh, about mid wave.  we had a great laugh at the stoplight.

the show was fantastic.  you can read my full review HERE at Consequence of Sound.

this is what it sounded like:


this photo of the fiddler and drummer is a complete screw up on many levels but i freaking love it.  and since i love it, i’m going to name it.  just haven’t figured out  what yet…

more shots:



on the way home, splayed in the middle of the sidewalk was this fella:


we are uncertain to the cause of his demise, but the huge transformer on the pole above was looking quite suspect.

my goal on monday was to stay in my pajamas with the kiddos until noon.  i am proud to report i accomplished this goal.  and ate another (x2) homemade brown sugar cookie to reward myself.  we ate pancakes, played uno, read books, all the good stuff.  then we ventured out on the greenway, anchored by littlest taite’s chunk-a-liscious thighs and with a pretty good ratio (1.33 kids per adult).


it was H-O-double-T.  but we had a great walk/scooter adventure.  there was some wilting, but we all made it back just in the nick of time to the air conditioning and lunch.

i’m thankful to have “effortless friends”… and i’m not implying friendship is ever without effort.  but people who make being friends with them relaxing, refreshing and life-giving.  christy, paige, adam and their brood are just that for me- the kind of people who can easily (and non-uncooly) chat up the fiddle player after a show, hang with in your pjs til noon and eat homemade cookies for breakfast.  these were a happy 24 hours!


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