to-do lists


my life is a flurry of post-it notes right now.  most are stress inducing, but one is heavenly:

my to-do list as of thursday, july 23rd:

1.  drink tea.

2.  find jane austen’s home and retrace some of her steps.

3.  find james herriot’s home and retrace some of his steps.

4.  wander through lavender and poppy fields.

5.  swim with seals.

6.  spend a few weeks at l’abri.

7.  figure out when and how to get to:  ireland, france, italy, spain, the czech republic, and south africa.

8.  kayak these scottish isles.

9.  walk coast to coast.

10.  see josh ritter & ray lamontagne in oxford.

11.  eat fish and chips.

12.  read.  read.  read.

as a subset, i’ve been collecting your book recommendations for sometime now.  here’s the list so far.  i welcome more!

1.  Some Anne Lamott

2.  Paradise by Toni Morrison

3. On the Edge of the Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

4.  East of Eden by Steinbeck

5.  The Road to Wellville by Noble

6.  Life of Pi

7.  Three Cups of Tea

8.  Marley and Me (just kidding!)

9.  The obvious (Cambridge/Oxford writers):  C.S. Lewis, Sylvia Plath, Percy Shelley, Tom Sharpe (Porterhouse Blue)

Seriously, add to the list.  Would love some recommendations!


2 Responses to “to-do lists”

  1. Melissa said

    Well, aren’t I Miss Blog Commenter today?

    Wait on the fish-n-chips till you get to Scotland. They’re just better there. And make sure they serve them on newspaper.

  2. Omari said

    Ah! The blessings of singleness….

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