after a while, crocodile.


leaving charlotte was an unrushed, sweet  goodbye see you later.

i enjoyed many of my favorites (zada janes, white water center, amelie’s, sam quinn and the japan ten, the crepe cellar, backyard cookouts, slow summer dinners and walk to thomas street) with friends and family.

there aren’t any pictures, but when my mom and sister and i went kayaking on the catawba, i led us through an island/wooded creek.  there was a log looking up that seriously looked like an aligator.  i scared myself enough until i realised it was just a log, that i naturally called back to scare them.  “watch out for that gator right there”.  mandy put on the brakes so fast.  then, of course, did the same thing to mom.

melissa and sam drove me to greenville.  sam is quite vebal right now and i finally got to hear his commentary full-on.  it really comes out in the car.  for example, a semi honks.  about 5 seconds later, sam says “that was loud, loud, loud!” and “that was loud again!”   his correct usage of adverbs blew me away.  i had no idea 2 year olds used adverbs!

in greenville, i spent some time with my college friends.  i cannot believe we’ve known each other for over 8 years!  they took me to a hippie restaurant in town and then we had gelato- my favorite! and walked by the river.  downtown greenville is hopping these days, very fun, relaxed atmosphere.

over the past few weeks, charlotte gave me lots of reasons to be sad about leaving.  but i just had to remind myself i would be back before i even knew it.  so, goodbyes turned to “see you soons”.  much easier.

here is some of the fun.  you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

the next time you hear from me, i’ll be in england!


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