UK Firsts: Pub and Pint


This edition of UK firsts details my first visit to a pub and my first pint of true British Ale.  Mike kindly stayed home with the kids while he ushered Melissa and I out the door on a walk to our neighborhood pub, The Horse and Feather.

gkipaSave for the bartender, whom we interrupted from reading the paper and drinking his own glass of ale, we were the only ones in the pub.  It is summer holiday here so most locals and students are away.  I chose Greene King IPA because it was the lighter of the two ales whose taps stared me in the face.  The taps are different, I guess this is what hand-pulled means?  Whatever happened, it was quite delicious.  Luke warm (just how I like it back home and people think I’m strange) and very, very smooth for an IPA.

We sat in the back near the window to the street and at some point a dog wandered up to us, checked around for some crumbs and trotted away.  The perfect hint of quirkiness to top off a quaint British night.


One Response to “UK Firsts: Pub and Pint”

  1. Jake said

    Dear God,
    Please let me find some ales in Prague so I don’t have to jet to the UK every weekend. Love,

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