our walk home from grocery shopping


the closest grocery store within walking distance is in downtown cambridge.  the walk takes about 20 minutes (a few more with children).  the walk home provides a better sequence of pictures, so here it is:


leaving Sainsbury’s in downtown Cambridge (notice all the bikes…), you head down a few “lanes” or narrow passageways behind and between buildings where only one car can fit:


past the game shop, where hidden among the traditional toys is a more 21st century-esque item  i don’t believe is for sale in the states:


the lane becomes completely deserted from storefronts and only a few very stalwart plants punctuate life into the old brick and stone:



today will have been one week since i first noticed this apple core on my first walk into town on my first day here.   i look for it every time now.  there is truly nothing else alive (or once-living) on this whole stretch- just beautiful stone and mortar.  i wonder how long it will last on the old stained-glass windowsill.  i also wonder who put it there and if they are also smiling at it each time they walk past as they wonder if a little mouse nibbles on it each night.


next, a few quick turns towards the river.  my first day, these convenient chalk signs were my directional clues back home.  in charlotte, when in doubt, i head towards the big buildings.  when in cambridge, i head towards the river…


the beautiful river:




kings college is in the background.  in case you were wondering what “punting” is, there are the boats and one person riding down the river.  i’ll delve into full detail once i take a trip of my own.

then it’s past the duck family in the creek off the river:


about a half-mile on a foot/bike path through the woods, many a bicycle with basket and bell zipping beside you, and alongside some colleges until our main road.  then the cambridge university rugby stadium (i’m excited for these matches to begin!):


another few hundred yards, past two more colleges, and a turn onto our gravel lane to our home… which i’ll post pictures of soon.

for me, the mundane task is always enjoyable in a new place and even more so in a town like this, where my mind can stop to wander and sigh…


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