apples not falling far from trees


[i interrupt the regularly scheduled report from the UK to bring you this peek into my family tree…]

one of my relatives recently posted some old family photos.  my resemblance to my dad’s mother’s side of the family is quite obvious.  people tell me this but now i can see it myself.

my great great grandfather:

great great grandfather

the little girl from above, my great grandmother all grown up:

great grandparents

my experience waitressing (and i’ve heard the same from others) included people often telling you what celebrity (they think) you look like.  overwhelmingly, i received meg ryan and susan sarandon.  i was ok with meg ryan (at least her you’ve got mail days), but susan sarandon?  i was always embarrassed (insulted); i think by the vast age difference.  at 22, it’s not easy to be taken as compliment when someone says you look like someone who is fifty-something.

well, i think it is time to accept it.  in my biographical film, mrs. madge gritton, my great grandmother, would definitely be played by susan sarandon.

susan sarandon


2 Responses to “apples not falling far from trees”

  1. Face said

    Those are some neat pictures…. is the great grandmother the “French” woman?
    My pediatrician said for years that I looked like Glenn Close. Imagine my relief when people finally started saying “Nicole Kidman” my junior year of high school.

  2. jessica said

    haha- no, this is the kentucky side of the family. man, you guys love the french (spanish) story, but don’t look like her at all.

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