our ship can’t sail without a name!


We have a car.

She is a beauty.

She needs a name.


wait, no… not that.

This is she:



1997 Navy Blue Volvo Estate.  Yes, with the bench seat in the hatch, facing backwards.

Help us name her!


5 Responses to “our ship can’t sail without a name!”

  1. Alex said

    In homage to all of the moms I saw driving these while I was in middle and high school (earlier models, obviously) and to y’all being in England…

    H.M.S. Mothership

  2. jessica said

    maybe i should know, but what does HMS stand for?

    also, a more complete story of the car is on the kruger’s blog:


  3. Forbes said

    I think you should name her Mrs. Mary Matlida Westfieldcresterson. She should have a proper name you know.

  4. Angela said

    I like Matilda. Or maybe Mabel. Something that sounds older, but hardworking and reliable – you know, in hopes that the car won’t die on you.

  5. Carol said

    Ok I’ll give this a try…
    Ole Bessie
    Bye Bye car ( remember that one :)

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