Noah and The Whale


Allow me to introduce you to the band I’m currently enthralled with:  Noah and The Whale.

They’re a little bit Nick Drake and tad DeVotchKa (of Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack fame).  You can download the title track, “The First Day of Spring”, from their new album for free six minutes of  melancholy, crescendo-ing bliss:

Their new album releases very soon with a film.  The appear to be musicians who pour their heart and soul into their music and  have creativity to left to spill over into visual medium.  Their still images related to their album caught my eye, and their pausing, vibrant cinematography held my attention captive.

Check out the trailer to their film:

They are coming to Cambridge in a few weeks.  Goody, goody gumdrops!


One Response to “Noah and The Whale”

  1. Jess said

    Love them. Love them. And you would have just a super cool blog with great pics and writing. I hope to be as cool as you someday. Miss you and hoping many more wonderful adventures for you over there.

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