One thing is the same…


No matter where I am, traveling or at home, one thing is the same: my favourite time of day.  I absolutely love pre-dusk and dusk.  Riding the train home yesterday, the sunset was striking against the English countryside.  No pictures yet, hoping for sun tomorrow so I can head out to my favourite wheat field and capture it.  Hopefully they haven’t harvested yet!

The time of day just after the sun bears hardest, the whole region exhales….

Kids, free from school, take to the yard or street with their baseballs (or cricket equipment!),

Adults, free from work, take to the porch or for a walk,

Pets reunite with their families,

Cows and sheep come out of the shelter of trees to graze one last time before nightfall,

Long shadows allow trees opposite each other in the furthest fields to unite in shadow,

All relent and give up the fervor of the day becoming more beautiful, glowing in the golden sun as they prepare to rest.


2 Responses to “One thing is the same…”

  1. Jay D said

    “favourite” you freakin Brit. When I was in Ireland I called food “gorgeous” and said “cheers” a ridiculous amount of times each day. Live it up my friend.

  2. jessica said

    nice catch, bro. you know the irony is i’ve spelled Brit my whole life (‘realise’ and ‘armour’ particularly gave me fits). i have no idea why. now i can live it up without penalty…lovely! i still feel like a total fake when i say “cheers” though!

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