Norwich: Pictures


Pictures from my accidental day in Norwich (click or scroll down to a few days ago to read the story):

old church turned art center i stopped at for iced coffee (which i taught the barrista how to make):


(now playing:  gillian welch, “i’m not afraid to die”)


from a high point in the city:



old english town, old pretty church with pretty garden:  check.


i love me some quotes.  this photography exhibit was based on the idea of “identity”.  more on the exhibit soon, but it was stirring.  the quotes were quite good, most centering on the fact humans have inherent dignity and worth.  yet, the UK is about to finally overtake the US in abortion rates.  the outworking of the culture here just does not make sense to me.

another day, another gorgeous cathedral:


on the train home, i stopped off to take a look around the town of Thetford.  a sleepy little place, all closed down for the day at 7pm, but i stumbled upon these:


another day, some more 12 century priory (monastery).  they were closed for the day, but i could have (and was sooo tempted to) hop the rock wall to explore.  there is so much CCTV here (closed circuit) i was afraid someone would swoop through the field and deport me.  turns out, this property was on ‘ghosthunters’ (the tv show) because it’s haunted.   so, maybe i’m glad i didn’t hop on over lest any “unexplained phenomena” might have befallen me…

cue sunset ride home….the second most beautiful train ride in all my life.  the second time i refused to take a picture because it seemed irreverent and impossible to capture.


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