Sweatin’ to the…see-saw?


This week Melissa and I tried a new little routine:  I take the littlest munchkin, Kate, out for an hour in the morning so Melissa can have some quality home school time with the older kids.

Kate loves bike rides on the ‘Oregon Trail’ since she’s been outfitted with a cherry red kid seat.  So, I figured this might be a great chance to get a workout in while entertaining the (almost) three year old.  I have to say, the workout was really, really fun!  It went something like this:

30 minutes : Cycle loop on bike paths cutting through fields passing lots of cows and blackberries and ending up at the huge park near our house.  No ipod needed as Kate sang almost the entire time:  wheels on the bus, supercalifragilistic…, spoon-ful of sugar, you get the idea.

25 minutes :  At the park, including:

– Kate on swing = Me sprinting around the entire set of swings between pushing her.  Believe it or not, this was really entertaining for her (and, no doubt the old folks and business people walking by).

– Kate on see-saw = Me squats and jumps.  This is my favorite!   Squat down and jump up, ballet style 20 times.  Or mix it up to short, isolated quick squats.  She really liked the variety of the ride on the see-saw.

– Kate running from see-saw to slide = Me doing high knees alongside her.  Her sprint is exactly the same pace as my high knees. Perfect!

–  Kate on slide set = Me doing push-ups on the angled mini-climbing wall things meant for the kids to climb up on to the slide set.

– See-saw again, x20.

– Kate on wiggly springed horsey ride = Me on the other wiggly springed dinosaur holding on and then doing leg lifts.  It’s like one of those half-domed ball things in the gym, the instability uses core strength.

– See-saw again, x20.

5 minute:  cooling down bike ride home.

I’ve seen magazines write about this kind of “exercise while playing with your kids” and never known if it could work.  After one morning, I’ll say it does and could really be a great for moms and dads who are looking for more time to time to workout and spend with their kids.

The best part is I think it was actually fun for Kate too.  For kids, it seems to me, if you’re moving alongside them in play, it feels like you’re joining them in the experience rather than just supervising.  It was super fun and I’m excited to get to do it again!


2 Responses to “Sweatin’ to the…see-saw?”

  1. Face said

    Genius. Love your variety. Jealous of the bike/seat– it sounds heavenly.
    Sam & I also do pushups on the rainbow ladders and dips on the railroad ties to balance out our upper bodies. Foard hasn’t worked up to those yet, though.

  2. Phil said

    Girl this was hilarious!! I am going to give it a try!

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