“We put the walls up, but Jesus keeps them standing.
He doesn’t need us, but He lets us put our hands in.
So we can see, His love is bigger than you and me.

And we all can feel the calling,
to make the world a little smaller.
And so a girl got on a plane,
for two weeks in Africa.”

-Caedmon’s Call-

I’m headed to South Africa today.  My long awaited journey to the continent of Africa is finally here.  I’m very excited.  Though my flight isn’t until 8pm tonight, so in typical me fashion, my packing is strewn across my room…

My excitement is tempered with sorrow as a brother in Christ back home has gone to be with the Lord.  Dear friends are grieving the loss and I am very sad to not be there with them.  Now I fly even further away, an entire ocean still keeping me from crying with them, listening to them share memories of their friend.

I am hopeful being in Africa, like any new place I visit or person I meet, gives me a more complete picture of heaven and therefore joy and the wiping away of tears.

Lest you worry, this isn’t one of my wander around alone trips.  I’ll be visiting with fellow North Carolinians, my friend Jeremiah and the Passaro family, who work with this preschool and church for God’s glory in ZAF!

Photos, thoughts, etc.  when I return…


One Response to “ZAF”

  1. Jess said

    I’m so jealous Jess. Have such a great time! I pray healing for your heart as well.

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