a lament for aimee


Right now, we cling to your truth.

So many of us wish we were there with Aimee.  We wish she were not alone in the car.
LORD, remind us you were with her.  She was not alone.  You did not leave her or forsake her, just as you will not leave us or forsake us.

We want to know Aimee did not hurt, that she did not suffer.
LORD, help us to believe you– the Good Shepherd, the Great Physician- bound up your lamb.  You carried her to safety.  You took her into your realms of glory where she will hurt no more, forever.

We have thoughts of last words, glances, hugs with Aimee.  We regret we did not love her perfectly, we wish we could have!  Oh, how we hope we loved her well.  We hope she knew we loved her, that so many people loved her.
LORD, you tell us we love because You first loved us.  You tell us love is Christ laid down His life for us.
LORD, you are the only one who could ever and will ever love your daughter Aimee perfectly.  We thank you that when our love was not enough, yours always, always was and always will be.
LORD, give us peace knowing Aimee knows only your love now.  She wants for nothing.  She longs for nothing.  She praises YOU, all the glorious, blessed days of her eternal life.

calm our fears,
extinguish our doubts,
give us peace,
anchor our souls in you!


4 Responses to “a lament for aimee”

  1. Melissa said

    Yes and Amen.

  2. stacey lanier said

    praying for you jessica & so glad the Lord is giving you and so many ETERNAL perspective in all of this.

  3. Mary said

    have you given this to her parents yet? i know they’d so love to have this. thank you for sharing this….love you jd.

  4. Leslie Powell said

    Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your thoughts, and the thoughts of so many of us. We love Aimee so much and long to tell her that, to hold her one more time. What would we do without the confidence of knowing that she is with Jesus…just where she longed to be!

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