i’m off to adventure again… so i’m gonna kick this thing back into gear.

i am going to try to write something every day.  seems prudent seeing as i’m studying literature and creative writing.

key word: something.  you may get a sentence or you may get an essay. rants, poems, songs, knock knock jokes…who knows.

i read back over some of my writing from england. it was pretty squeaky clean and safely tethered. how very british of me. well, life has brought me to a different place these days and my tongue is not as bridled.  giddy up, cowboys and cowgirls! hope you’re wearing your chaps.

my backpack is packed. my pencils are sharpened. my outfit is chosen (not really…but some clothes made it into the suitcase in between all my camping, cycling and hiking gear)….first day of school just around the bend…

i’m starting graduate studies in english, working towards my masters so i can teach literature and creative writing at a community or junior college. to say i’m excited about this next chapter of life would be an understatement. it would also be an intended pun.

maybe i’ll start using proper caps lock again. maybe not.

i’m sure i’ll share some sights with you. especially from the 3400 miles i’ll log with ruby to and fro this great land…


2 Responses to “revival!”

  1. Melissa said

    Hooray! It will be sweet to see you pop up on my Reader again.

  2. jbird27 said

    ditto Melissa! I got so pumped seeing that you had a new entry. I am looking forward to having “something” from you everyday! Yay! (you could even spell things so that we read it in an accent if you want!!)

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