head, heart, hands, health


quick! who knows where i’m going with this one? prize if you guessed before reading past this point.

tonight a few of us continued the tradition of sitting on the steps outside our dorm and watching the sunset. this happens every summer, so it’s not unique to us, but this was the inaugural evening.

we all brought delecacies from the depths of our dorm rooms and created a dessert buffet consisting of:

-teddy grahams (both cinnamon and regular)

-jelly belly jelly beans (only the best four flavors: pear, cappuccino, cinnamon and…i forget)

-trader joes white wine

-trader joes dark chocolate pomegranate seeds

-box of red wine (it’s come a long way since franzia)

-a wrapped up brownie from the dining hall

we drank our wine and enjoyed conversation.  some topics of discussion:

-jane austen (duh. what do you think happens when you get a bunch of girls in english school together?)

-gardening (half of us have gardens and miss them.)

-canning (one fourth of us have attempted to can.)

-professors (they are all awesome and we wonder what they think about us and why they heck they give up their summer to teach of bunch of type a nerds. then we realise we very likely probably be just like them one day.)

-altitude:  hiking, sleeping and drinking. so far, the main benefit is that you can feel awesome and have fun after just one drink. nice on the pocket book.  one bottle of vino goes much further.

-books books books.  (cormac mccarthy to fitzgerald to …. too many to name.)

-films, films, films.  (the new woody allen to texas chainsaw to mama mia to the shining.)

-how we each explain “bread loaf school of english” to people so it actually sounds legitimate.

-4H.  four out of the eight women on the steps tonight spent significant time in 4H as kids. none of us cut it as brownies or girl scouts.  we recited the pledge from memory and had a great laugh:

I pledge my Head to clearer thinking,

my Heart to greater loyalty,

my Hands to larger service and

my Health to better living, for my club, my community,

my country, and my world.

yep, that pretty much sums it up.  i am very happy.


2 Responses to “head, heart, hands, health”

  1. Melissa said

    So happy FOR you!
    Love this post– reminds me of a time I took an apple from the dining hall to a covered dish dinner. Yes, so Me. I know.

    Bought a bike (Jake already has one), kid seats & tiny helmets today! Hoping to ride mucho this summer.
    Happy Thursday!

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