things that keep english majors awake


i present to you the first edition (of many) things that keep english majors (at least this one) awake.

we have a separate email here at school.  it’s on a separate interface, not gmail or outlook or anything like that.  i quickly logged in today as i was dashing out to class and saw this message to the entire campus:

“Hey Everyone,

If you brought a road bike or mountain bike and would like to ride as a group, send along a message.”

my reaction?  heck yes! so, i hit “reply” to someone named kevin. i saw his name in the “To:” field, and hastily replied:

“I brought both!  Would love to.  Thanks!”

then my email showed up in the entire school mailbox. thud. i opened it back up and it turns out it automatically cc: the entire campus.  gosh, i hate being that “reply to all” person.

but that’s not the worst part.

the worst part is i included a terribly written sentence that ended on a preposition…to all the students, faculty and staff at the school.

the horror!  the humility!

a few other people have since “replied to all”.  but i’m the only one with crappy sentence structure.

dang.  rookie mistake.

gotta shake it off.


One Response to “things that keep english majors awake”

  1. Melissa K. said

    I’m having a good chuckle at this post and wishing I could figure out how to end this sentence with a preposition. Just want to show my empathy. I’m loving reading your blog – it sounds like so much fun!

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