you say claustrophobic, i say over-exposed.


there are a lot of west coasters here this summer.  california might be the most represented state. colorado is a close second. here’s a conversation i had yesterday:

cali:  where are you from?

me: north carolina.

cali:  north carolina! why the heck aren’t you at the asheville campus this summer?

me: because it’s in my back yard. i wanted to go somewhere different, far from home, i’ve never lived out west… et al… have you been to asheville campus?

cali: yeah. i didn’t like it. i mean, asheville is a cool town but i felt… claustrophobic there.

me: (smiling) really? because of the landscape?

cali: yeah, every day i had to go out on my bike and ride the parkway.  if i didn’t, i felt panicky and trapped. hill after hill but you could never see beyond them because of all of the trees. you know, out here you can see for miles.

me: (laughing).  oh, i get it. except here i am out west feeling completely overexposed at all times because there aren’t  tall trees to hide under or clouds to shade. if i feel vulnerable and anxious in nature here, it’s because of the vastness. i need rain and forest canopy asap.  there is nowhere to hide here.






east coast/west coast

the debates are alive and well.



One Response to “you say claustrophobic, i say over-exposed.”

  1. marykulparu said

    ha! biggie. hands down :)

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