sunny with a sweater on.


this morning greeted me with clouds and cooler temperatures. oh blessed gray sky, how i’ve missed you

and my sweater

and my scarf.

not that i would be wearing those in north carolina right now, but the sun here is relentless. i need my gray. i need covering. i need shade. i need a day without shadows.

a few of us went to a coffee shop to work this morning. my friends here already know of my longing for the gray. last night i told them the first rain shower we get i am going to stand outside. i smiled big as we shuffled out to my car. it felt like an october morning. one said,”well jess, you got your gray day!”  i was smiling and happy.

i studied on the patio. my tan librarian sweater, brown praha scarf and caramel rooibos tea kept me warm between the peek-a-boo sunlight.

by 11am it was fully sunny again though still cool.

we lifted heads out of our books, gathered to leave and our conversation commenced into something like this:

friend: well, jess. sorry about all the sunshine that took your gray day away.

me: oh, yeah. well, at least it’s still cool. you know, sunny with a sweater on. i can enjoy that.

friend 2: that sounds like a band name!

friend:  sure does!  i think you just named your band.

me:  (smiling) i think you’re right!

so. sunny with a sweater on.  you read it here first.  a band? probably stretching it a bit.  i’d be thrilled if i could just get a song out of it.

and it ends in a preposition.

oh well.


One Response to “sunny with a sweater on.”

  1. trish said

    And the first album: Goodbye, Charlotte

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