“It is not the case that a man who is silent says nothing.”


“Moving from silence into speech is for the oppressed, the colonized, the exploited, and those who stand and struggle side by side, a gesture of defiance that heals, makes new life and new growth possible.”  (bell hooks, Talking Back)

“Regardless of position, profession, or race, silence is the most common response to sexual harassment despite the stress of remaining silent.  Susan Ehrlich Martin tells us that harassment is never totally absent in any position and that it increases for those women whose impressive occupations appear to be direct challenges to patriarchal authority.” (Cheryl Glenn, Unspoken)

“The dominant group in a social hierarchy renders “inarticulate” subordinate or muted groups (any of the traditionally disenfranchised) and excludes them from the formulation, validation and circulation of meaning.” (Glenn, Unspoken)

“I speak but I cannot be heard. Worse, I am heard but am not believed. Worse yet, I speak but I am not deemed believable.” (Royster, “When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own)

“… I had only just then realized how hard it would have been to explain myself. I could not chatter away as I used to do, taking it all for granted. My words must be as slow, as new, as single, as tentative as the steps I took going down the path away from the house, between the dark-branched, tall dancers motionless against the winter shining.” (from ‘She Names Them’ by Ursula K. Le Guin)



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