home sweet home.


well, i already broke my resolution to post something every day.  so, i’ll let you choose the excuse which resonates with you:

option 1: the amazingly delicious tequila i had in my margarita friday night. it was pure agave. some gals and i ate our weight in chips, salsa and sopapillas. i came home and slept like a baby.  in other words: tequila made my blog fall off.

option 2: my first essay was due this morning. i haven’t found the balance of writing personally/creatively when giving myself to academic writing.

and now, onward and upward!

to get back on track, i rev up the engine with riveting images you are all waiting for… my dorm room.

my bed and windows:

the walls are institutional eggshell, so i brought a few little things to decorate.  the postcards on the wall are from places i’ve been or friends along the way:  the ryman, gustav klimt’s miss adale,  a romanian painting la creation, a francis kearney photo, an antique postcard of praha’s st. charles bridge (that i picked up in cannes, france).  and my favorite scarves.  the books on the floor by my bed are my “fun” books:  mary oliver, gerald may, f. o’connor, to kill a mockingbirdthe gift of good land by wendell berry, and a cycling magazine someone here gave me.

turning to the right, the mecca that is my desk:

postcards of a nikki mcclure, a woodblock artist from oregon.  my snack stash: tj’s ginger snaps, granola, lots of coconut water, herbal tea and pure/kind/lara bars.  one bottle of really spicy ginger ale from the common market. i’m saving this one.  and all my class books.

and the pièce de résistance…my closet:

a bit messy, as usual. i don’t know why i own any other clothes. i have basically all i need (save my sweaters and rain gear) right here.

i must say, i love my little space.

i love the simplicity that accompanies living with the essentials.

the truth is this little room is packed full of luxuries.

i possess so much more than the essentials needed for life.

i am cared for and privileged,

and these i must never forget.


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