the harrow and the harvest


gillian welch FINALLY released a new album this week.


i want to learn to play her stuff so very desperately, but without david rawlings on guitar it just won’t be the same. they are pie and icecream. wonderful on their own, but oh so much more complete together. auditions to be my personal david rawlings now being accepted.

you can listen to the entire album on NPR for a few more days (another reason NPR is amazing)  here:

Gillian Welch Album

after four runs through, my favorite songs are (in no particular order):

3. The Way it Will Be (mournful, plaintive ballad i expect (and need) from her)

I’ve never been so disabused
Never been so mad
I’ve never been served anything
That tasted so bad
You might need a friend
Any day now, any day
Oh my brother, be careful
You are drifting away

Throw me a rope
On the rolling tide
What did you want me to be?
You said it’s him or me
The way you made it
That’s the way it will be

5. Tennessee (i might soon live in tennessee.  and by soon, i mean… sooner than you expect.  don’t say i didn’t warn you. i need more hills and whiskey in my life…especially (and apparently) if i’m going to amount to anything as a musician or a writer. beef steak, not so much.)

Why can’t I go and live the life rightly?
Why can’t I go back home to apple pie?
Cause your affront to my virtue was a touch too much
But you left a little twinkle in my eye

Now some will come confessing of transgressions
Some will come confessing of their love
You were there strumming on your gay guitar
You were trying to tell me something with your thumb

Now let me go, my honey oh
Back to Tennessee
It’s beef steak when I’m working
Whiskey when I’m dry
Sweet heaven when I die

8. Hard Times (lovely banjo, asheville shout out, great live music imagery, and a worldview that resonates with me. )

They were supping on tears, they were supping on wine

i’ll get to heaven in my own sweet time

so come on you asheville boys

turn up your old time noise

kick til the dust comes up from the cracks in the floor

singing hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind, brother

hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind

hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind

no more

well done, ms. welch.

come august, i’ll be sitting on the front row of my hometown crowd marveling at your talent.  most hopefully wearing a pair of proper cowboy boots to be purchased here in santa fe this weekend.

here’s a picture from the parking lot in carrboro a year or so ago. julie and i (easily) figured out which vehicle carried  ms. welch and mr. rawlings there. given away by the tennessee plates ms. welch’s most excellent cowboy hat:


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