my morning…laundry?


(customary 4th of july post to come later.)

this was my dream last night:

i was at the my morning jacket/ neko case concert coming up at home in august and only about 25 people were there. i was so mad at the hometown crowd and their lack of enthusiasm for great music.  in between sets, i walked down into the pit

not to see the show…

but to do my laundry.

yes, the pit was filled with the exact laundry machines here at school this summer.  so, i put my laundry in the washing machines.  but mmj started before the cycle finished, so i pressed the pause button and enjoyed the rest of the show.

the end.

my non-freudian interpretation:

1) i’m excited about seeing mmj and neko case.

2) i don’t like the city where i live.

3) i need to do laundry today.

some tunes:

1) mmj – if you touch me i’m going to scream, part 2

2) neko case – magpie to the morning


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