follow me to juneau.


i’ve been very busy with school work and without enough space in my schedule or mind to write.

but i’ll sift it all out when things settle down next week. i do have many more stories to share. i love my summer!

a slew of us watched this video together tonight and it made me laugh.

it was really good to laugh at ourselves when we’re wondering why we are here, hating our papers and our finite minds and actually imagining ourselves 1) quitting or 2) throwing our papers in the office door as we run towards our car and drive away sobbing in tears.

but we’re english majors, so this is perfectly normal.

you should laugh at us too:


my favorite line:

student: i am going to be a college professor.

prof: do you want to stay single the rest of your life? who in the world do you think will be willing to follow you to alaska so you can teach at juneau community college?



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