everything is amazing


…and nobody’s happy.

have you seen that bit of jim gaffigan on conan? he talks about the amazing advances in modern technology (such as flying in the air while talking on the phone) and how people can still find things to complain and moan about.  i love it.

tonight after dinner, i settled into my hammock with a final draft of my paper. i read through it, marking it up a bit with my blue pen.

when gently i realized

everything was amazing…

i am laying in my hammock

hung between two apricot trees

facing the bell tower

in the cool, dry, dusky new mexico breeze

watching the sunset

revising a paper with elements of history, literature, oppression and liberation (some of my favorite things)

i capped my pen

and closed my eyes

and fell asleep for a few minutes.

then i woke up and made an impulsive decision to get gelato with friends.

gingersnap and chocolate.

this moment is amazing

and i am happy.



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