just a gal on this little adventure known as my life, which mostly revolves around faith, nature, travel, music, art, my dog, discovering my own story and the stories of people i meet along the way. on a given day you may find me adventuring away and dreaming or staying at home tending and keeping.

this little ditty exists to keep in touch with family and friends as i venture to places near and far.

and you should know, “these things – the beauty, the memory of my own past…are not the thing itself; they are only the scent of a flower I have not found, the echo of a tune I have not heard, news from a country I have never yet visited …”

welcome, friend.

* which is mostly standing still  (mary oliver)

* these things- the beauty (c.s. lewis)


3 Responses to “about”

  1. Jennifer said

    Love your stand still and be astonished tag, and your hiking spirit. Very honored by your connection to the poem about butterflies. Would like to see your project some day. Meanwhile, how ’bout the Rwenzoris for your next trek . .

  2. Pearl Grace said


    There is so much beauty in the way you contemplate and write. While reading your posts, I could not help but feel a wistful touch of inner-affirmation. Many of the questions you ask and the ways you think about situations remind me so much of my own heart and the longings for home I experience.

    I hope you keep blogging :)


  3. You have a great symbiosis with life. I don’t have your contact and I should. give me a shout. You’re hard to track down unless at CM. Lets bike sometime. -O… and then delete this post please:)

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